LSP Industrial Ceramics Inc.


Over 30 Years Of Industrial & Technical Ceramic Experience

LSP Ceramics is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial & technical ceramics with the most diversified inventory the industry.

Materials Include

80%Alumina, 85% Alumina, 90% Alumina, 92% Alumina, 94% Alumina 95% Alumina, 96% Alumina 99% Alumina 99.5% Alumina ,99.7% Alumina, 99.8% Alumina, Pink Alumina, Mullite, Steatite, Silicon Carbide, Sapphire, Zirconia, Fused Silica, Porcelain and others.

Advanced Ceramics

Industries Served

Aerospace, Research, Food Processing, Fluid Handling, Scientific, Automotive, Defense, Thermal Processing, Power Generating, Process Control, Textile & Wire, Pulp & Paper, Mechanical, Glass Processing, Mineral Processing as well as smaller niche markets.

Products Include

but not limited to Tubes, Rods, Pump Shafts, Impellers, Washers, Seal Faces, Nozzles, Ferrules, Standoffs, Rings, Crucibles, Insulators, Fixtures, Element Supports, Thermocouple Insulators & Protection Tubes, Guides, Rollers, Pulleys, Custom parts to customer specification.Custom capabilities include Precision Grinding & Drilling, Green Machining, Pressing, Extrusion, Injection Molding, Casting, Iso-static Pressing, and Assembly.

LSP Ceramics carries the most diversified inventory

Our custom parts inventory of unfired material allowing us the flexibility of supplying many custom components very efficiently.